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Modular architecture is based on the use of construction blocks, called modules, which can be combined in different ways to create an architectural structure through the connection of them.

This type of system is characterized by its versatility and efficacy. During the design and production proccess, important standards of energy efficiency are taken under consideration as well as an appropiate waste control.

Regardless construction materials, wooden modular houses are highly popular and perfect for countryside surroundings. Its skill as a thermal insulator is its biggest advantage. Steel is another good option as it is a 100% recyclable material, it barely needs maintenance and it has insulating properties. These two materials are much better than PVC as this one is not exactly a very sustainable material itself.

In general terms, modular architecture possess several benefits:

. As a result of its process and time construction optimization, the expenses will be reduced.

. Customizable in terms of design as it allows to add, change or delete the different modules.

. Flexibility as it is possible to employ it permanently or temporarily.

. Its building process generates a reduced amount of disposals so it is more ecological and besides it enables a highly accurate construction.

. The modules can be easily transported so they can be used in places where it would be complicated or impossible for traditional methods to reach.

. Good quality control since the system is developed following specific guidelines.

. After its construction, modular houses become energetically efficient because of the geometrial and perfect shape of the module. They fit perfectly which means a saving on heating and refrigeration.

There is no doubt that modular architecture has surprised us due to its capability to be adapted according to our needs. This is the reason why it is being pointed out among the different buildings construction and design techniques.


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